Concept® Homes provides exceptional homes, excellent service and quality workmanship.



Concept® Homes' goal is to build a high quality home for an affordable price.

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With Concept® Homes, you can rest assured that you are buying a top-notch product at a reasonable rate. Your family’s home is built from start to finish by qualified and skilled trades people with quality materials.

Qualified trades and suppliers will ensure that your new home is built to exact standards and quality, meeting and exceeding all applicable building codes. A commitment to these standards ensures that your new house will turn into your new home. Concept® Homes can proudly boast a long standing relationship with trades and suppliers, which has been a cornerstone of their success.

What makes us different?

In your “home shopping”, many factors will influence your decision. You will be choosing and deciding upon the location of your new home, the proximity of the subdivision to schools for the children, access to public transportation and neighbourhood services.

As well, you will be looking at various house styles, sizes, features, floor plans & specifications and ultimately the most important: The Builder!

Since you are only buying one home at this time, the huge volumes built by some prospective builders, so vigorously advertised and promoted, should be the least impressive fact influencing your purchase decision. In fact, the bureaucracy within such companies may be a detriment to you when you are trying to get answers to your questions during construction.

At Concept® Homes we subscribe to an “open policy” of providing as much information about our company as possible in order to enable you, the home buyer, to feel secure and comfortable in entrusting your most important investment decision to us.

We suggest that the following items should be included in your request for credentials and references from your prospective builder.

Years in Business

Since it takes years to build good relations with suppliers and subtrades, this question is very important, because many components of your new home are assembled by contracted trades.

Trade and Supplier References

How bills are paid by the home builder is an important ingredient as to how conscientious and happy the supplier and trades are when working on-site. Late payment practices to suppliers/trades indicate that the builder uses such tactics to finance the operations of the company, instead of using the company’s own resources.

Ask for at least 3-4 trade/supplier references, and where possible check them out through your Bank or Mortgage company.

Bank References

You will want to check out the builder’s record with its banking facility. You may wish to use your own bank to get this information for you. Has the builder a sufficient line of credit to finance the day to day operations of the company?

Has the builder or its principal owners ever declared bankruptcy in the house building business or any other business?

Customer Referrals

This above all else is the most important method in determining the real qualities of your prospective builder.

Ask for 8-10 referrals, preferably customers who have resided in their new home for more than 2 years.

Ask how the entire house buying & construction experience was. Ask about after possession service. Was there a quick follow up after the initial move in?


Ask what the builder’s warranty consists of. Have it explained to you in detail: what is included and what is not? Look for written confirmation of warranty details. Verify that the builder is a member in good standing with the New Home Warranty Program of Alberta.

Builder Volume

Is the prospective builder in an expansion period or is the company committed to maintaining a manageable volume of homes per year?

The purchaser should consider that if a company is proceeding with uncontrolled expansion. The strains of such an undertaking could be reflected in the level of service and quality of construction provided, mostly due to new suppliers & trades, or existing trades taxed to the limits of their capacity to produce.


Let your instinct be your guide. Do you feel comfortable that your builder will be easy to communicate with? Remember, since the house you have chosen to build is your “Dream Home”, your relationship with your builder, if not properly established, will be your greatest disappointment.

Be open and frank with your prospective builder and make your expectations of quality and your desires clear from the beginning.

Most builders can assure you that you will get quality equal to or better than the show home you have viewed. However, if you have expectations beyond what you have seen, then be sure to explain such requests to your prospective builder before signing a contract.

If the builder is able to assure you that your expectations will be met, then you are on your way to a pleasant home building experience.