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Concept® Homes will help you meet your housing needs.

Summit Great Room

At Concept® Homes we are driven by our commitment to outstanding customer service, which means that we go beyond just building houses. We offer a range of home styles, models and building processes in a number of different neighbourhoods.

Whether you're looking for a completely custom-built home, a semi-custom home, or simply a lot - we can help!

All homes are not created equal!

The Semi-Custom Home

Concept® Homes is proud to be one of the leadersin the industry to introduce the popular semi-custom home idea. This approach allows for versatility without the high cost of a total custom package.

Concept® Homes is customer oriented. Sales staff and prospective purchasers begin by reviewing Concept® Homes' basic display home that we are offering. Taking into consideration the purchaser’s specific requirements, we are able to customize plans to suit your lifestyle!

You can feel secure knowing that your Concept® Home will continue to provide your family many years of enjoyment and value. Concept® Homes’ team of designers, architects and engineers examine and approve all major structural changes, additions and deletions. Blueprints are redrawn or modified to ensure your home provides both value and safety. These changes can usually be accomplished at a much lower price than a fully customized plan.

At Concept® Homes the semi-custom building approach has been successful and, judging from customer surveys, has also been the most popular and acceptable method. Most homes in this category come under the mid- to upper-price range.

The Custom Home

If the purchaser has very specific ideas in mind, then the 100% custom approach is advisable. The advantage of this approach is that a design can be completely adapted to the client’s needs. This is the most expensive approach, but is very satisfying when the unique plan is complete.

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